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SEO Case study

Glamorous Nails & beauty salon

A beloved local business, deeply connected to the community, faced competition from the online presence of various nail salons in Hamilton. This is when we stepped in, committed to giving them the attention and recognition they rightfully deserve.

Glamorous Nails had a goal: they wanted more customers by showing up at the top of the Google search in Hamilton when people searched for keywords around their industry. But with so many nail salons around, that wasn't easy. Despite having a tight SEO budget, we ensured we provided them with an effective strategy. Our efforts made sure they appeared higher on Google, so more people could find them. 


Over 60 high-volume keywords ranking in top 10 position on Google.


Domain Authority increased by 6 within 3 months.


Click-through-rate increased by 3%.



Average site sessions increased by 35 seconds.


Increased website organic traffic by 200% in 3 months.


Bounce rate decreased to 30%. 

The Challenge

Glamorous Nails encountered notable challenges concerning their website's performance. They struggled to maintain a competitive edge, resulting in their online presence getting overshadowed. In light of the increasing number of digital competitors, it became evident that they required professional assistance to enhance their visibility and assert a more prominent online presence.

The Solution we implemented


Online Competitiveness

  • Implemented a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, including SEO.

  • Monitored and analyzed the performance of their online marketing campaigns for continuous improvement.


Website Enhancement

  • Improved user experience with a focus on fast loading times and clear navigation.

  • Ensured high-quality images and regularly updated content to showcase services and customer reviews.


Differentiation and Branding

  • Emphasized Glamorous Nails' unique selling points, such as outstanding customer service and exclusive services.

  • Crafted a strong online presence through engaging content, success stories, and customer testimonials to highlight their distinct qualities.

Contact Us

We understand there might be some questions we were not able to answer through our website, we encourage you to give us a call & chat about any question you might have. Don't hesitate, we are on your side!

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