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SEO Case study

Virtual Health Clinic

When this Toronto-based online clinic needed a strong online presence, we delivered!

"When Virtual Health Clinic started, they faced fierce competition. Previous experiences with offshore SEO teams had caused significant chaos in their online rankings, casting doubt on the wisdom of investing in any SEO company. However, fate had something different in store. It was at this crucial moment that our paths crossed, and the rest, as they say, is history."



Website traffic Increased by over 1000% in under 6 months. 

An impressive 5% increase in the click-through rate.


Ranking in the top 5 positions for over 50 high-volume keywords on Google.

Helping people


Top rankings achieved in 15 new cities/regions.



Domain Authority increased by 20 within 4 months.

The average website session duration increased by 1 minute and 30 seconds.

The Challenge

Virtual Health Clinic had an ambitious business plan, but its online presence was severely undermined by the shortcomings of previous SEO companies. The challenges they encountered included Poor backlinks quality, Ineffective Marketing Strategy, Technical SEO Problems, Unethical Black Hat SEO Methods, Low-Quality Content, Keyword Stuffing, and Neglected Mobile Optimization.

The Solution we implemented


Backlinks and Marketing

  • Conducted a comprehensive backlink audit and removed low-quality links.

  • Implemented a targeted marketing strategy aligned with specific goals and audiences.

  • Regularly monitored campaign performance and made data-driven adjustments.


Technical and Content Improvement

  • Performed a technical SEO audit to resolve website issues.

  • Shifted focus towards ethical white-hat SEO practices.

  • Developed a content strategy emphasizing high-quality, relevant, and regularly updated content.


Mobile Optimization

  • Prioritized mobile-friendly design for a seamless user experience.

  • Optimized content and page elements for mobile users, including faster load times and intuitive navigation.

Contact Us

We understand there might be some questions we were not able to answer through our website, we encourage you to give us a call & chat about any question you might have. Don't hesitate, we are on your side!

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