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web design Hamilton pricing

Plans & Pricing

Our Web design, SEO & Social Media management services are customized according to every business needs.



  • Web development - custom design/template.

  • Marketing plan - Risk analysis. Market evaluation, competition review - 1 hour.

  • Online reservations & bookings.

  • Online menu.

  • Social Media Management.

  • Social Media Integration.

  • GIF/Video/Photo sourcing.

  • Data management.

  • Custom Logo.

  • Budgeted Google Ads.

  • Mobile responsiveness.

  • Basic SEO.

  • Free Domain name.

  • 2 rounds of revisions. 

Starts at $865



  • Web development - custom design/template.

  • Marketing plan - one on one - 2 + hours.

  • E-commerce platform - unlimited products.

  • Recurring plans, memberships & subscriptions.

  • Custom email plugin - cart recovery & more.

  • Online orders.

  • Online payments.

  • Product reviews.

  • Message notifications.

  • Print labels/ end-to-end order fulfillment.

  • Business Card Design & printing.

  • Advanced SEO.

  • 3 rounds of revisions. 

  • & everything included in plan 1.

Starts at $1480


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Keyword Research.

  • Competitive Analysis.

  • On Page SEO.

  • OFF Page SEO.

  • Technical SEO.

  • Content Management.

  • Backlinks/Domain Authority.

  • Google My Business Profile.

  • GSC Management.

  • Google Analytics.

  • Bing Webmaster tools.

Starts at $500.


  • Why Webbies?
    With Webbies, you not only get the support for a website but techniques and strategies that will help you get more sales in your business. Our motto is "We only make money when we generate more money for your business".
  • What do you consider before you start a web design for any business?
    Our web design process is simple and efficient. We start by identifying your goals and where you want your business to be. Then we create a selling plan for your website and how we can provide a competitive advantage to your business among your competitors. Next, we build your website with the systems your business and customers require. Last, we stay in touch to keep updating any features or changes that your website may require.
  • How much does web design & development cost?
    This question is a tough one to answer for any web developer/designer as every website comes with different functionality, features audience base. Check out our pricing plan for an approximate of how much your website can cost. If you need a specific price, please contact us and we can discuss what systems your business would require.
  • How will I get traffic to my Website?
    Our Pricing plans include services like Search Engine Optimization, google and social media ads to drive traffic.
  • ​How long does it take for Webbies to finish and publish my website?
    Websites for small businesses can take up to 3 weeks from planning to publishing and up to 6 weeks for more complex websites.
  • ​How much time do I need to invest in to get my website up?
    We only need 2 to 3 meetings to get complete information about your business to start a selling plan and then start building.
  • What is photo sourcing & how does it work?
    We help you source or create an image, video or any type of content for your website fully-licensed. Using the right content is very important & we help you get that.
  • I'm ready! how do I get started?
    Contact us by email or by phone 905.749.6185. If you have a certain design in your mind or a sample, we can help you create that.
  • What kind of businesses do you work with?
    We work with all types of businesses. Whether it is a small business or a corporation, we got a design & a strategy for everyone.
  • What happens if my website is down or I have trouble with it after the launch?
    Our website management service is free of cost. Email us right away if you ever have a problem and we will jump on it to fix it asap.
  • Can I edit or make changes to the site once it's up?
    Yes, we share everything you need to know before the launch, so you are all set to go by yourself. We are an email away if there is an issue or if you require help with anything.
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